How does making 6.2 million positive impressions on the public sound when running a campaign?

It sounds a little daunting, but at Acwyre we have Brand Ambassadors every day across the UK who are creating a discourse with the general public. Whether it’s to help launch a product, help someone understand how a service works, or help with fundraising efforts for charities we care passionately about, we always strive to bring a brand directly to the public.

We are often asked about our process and how we create successful campaigns. It isn’t rocket science (unless we’re doing a campaign on rocket science – which hasn’t happened yet!), but there are some values we hold which we believe can yield success in a face to face campaign.

In this short post, we thought it would be a great idea to delve into our process and how we create positive interactions with clients. It all starts with knowing your message is being delivered how you want it to.

What the process looks like

Every campaign will have a different timescale. We’ve worked with clients who are looking for a slow-burn approach to help grow organically over time and give a consistent ROI. We’ve also had clients who come to us with products that need to be launched as soon as humanly possible.

The process follows this route:

  • Agree on proposal
  • Campaign Set-up
  • Execution
  • Evaluation

And here’s how we break that down.

Agree on Proposal

We will never give a potential client a contract and then go off to the races. At Acwyre everyone has to know what the client wants, and that means being able to say hello to you in person.

We always schedule a face to face meeting so we can personally know what your aims for a campaign are and figure out what little things that aren’t on paper may be of benefit.

This stage also helps us get to know your company better and provide the context that helps power a successful campaign.

Campaign Set-up

This is the time to get everything in order and prepare ourselves to just a brand justice in the real world. We take this step very seriously, and before it boots on the ground, our set-up involves:

  • Carrying out due diligence
  • Establishing the right team based on the business
  • Seeing if we need to set up any support systems
    (for example, a charity may need an electronic donor recruitment system)
  • Getting the report requirements with clear KPIs set in stone
  • Creating of design materials the Band Ambassadors can use
  • Territory Analysis, which includes obtaining territory licenses if needed

When that’s all ready, it’s time to hit the road/street/doors.


Whether a campaign is over one month or one year, our Brand Ambassadors are out there to showcase your business and get the potential audience engaged.


This isn’t merely getting a measuring stick out to see if we met KPIs. We evaluate all facets of a campaign constantly throughout the campaign lifecycle to see not only how well we did but where improvements can be made.

We make sure the quality of customers matches what you need, and if there are any routes we can take in a future campaign to improve upon conversions.

Want to know more about our process and if we can help your upcoming campaigns?

You can get in touch with us directly by email at or by phone at +44 203 368 8849.

We’re happy to talk more about our process and where Acwyre can take your campaigns.