Promoting a service may require a different strategy from products, depending on what your company focuses on, there might not be a tangible item for potential customers to try. However, this can allow you to be more creative in how you present your service – you’ll also rely more heavily on your sales team to communicate your brand message. You will also need to carefully choose channels and plan how you are promoting your services in order to effectively reach your target market.

1. Participate in events or trade shows

Trade shows and events are a particularly effective promotion channel when it comes to niche services. Whatever your industry, if you can find an event that is highly relevant to you, the return on investissment can be phenomenal: up to 81% of trade show attendees have buying authority so it’s a great place to promote a service as well as raise brand awareness.

The key is carefully plan for events and shows. Maximise your ROI by leveraging social media, creating tailored material for the event and training your team on event goals and strategy.

2. Share customer reviews

Potential customers increasingly look to reviews and testimonials before deciding to choose a service. Encouraging customers to leave reviewing and making sure your business manages reviews (good and bad) is key to promote a service. According to a Bright Local survey, 91% of 18-34 year olds trust online reviews as much as recommendations from someone they know!

So make sure to share your good customer reviews and respond to any bad ones – potential customers also look at how poor reviews are dealt with and expect excellent customer service!

3. Raise awareness about your service

Raising awareness about your service will be particularly important if you’ve just launched your business or are expanding into a new area. This means that you will need to build a marketing strategy around communicating your brand message without necessarily sales in mind as your primary goal. Of course, raising awareness and sales often go hand in hand, but communication and educating customers about your service should be your main focus to start with.

There are many ways of getting your brand known and you will need to find what works for you. Be present online and on social media and directly reach your target market thanks to face-to-face sales, directly promoting your brand and service to potential customers.

4. Combining channels to promote a service

As we have mentioned, when promoting a service you will identify several channels that will be relevant to push your brand message and reach potential customers. If it is not always possible – or wise – to invest in all of these channels, businesses sometimes think that some channels are incompatible and have to choose one or the other.

Think about digital and traditional marketing. If these seem like complete opposites, they are actually complementary channels and there are many benefits of using them both in your service promotion strategy. Using multiple channels, businesses are then able to reach a larger portion of their target market and offer different ways of interacting with the brand.

5. Offer trials or special offers

A trial can be a great way to convert potential customers, as they will be able to test your service for themselves and form an opinion, increasing chances for them to convert. Make sure you have a plan in place for when the trial expires to help potential customers convert! This works particularly well for subscription services, often offering free trials to help drive conversions.

You may also want to consider special offers and promotion – not only can they be a great focus for promotional content but potential customers on the fence will have greater chance to try out your service if there is a tempting offer they can enjoy.

When promoting a service, it’s important to not only focus on raising awareness about the service but also focus on the benefits it will have for your potential customers. Make sure that anyone involved in sales and marketing knows the brand and service perfectly and has some experience or training in sales technique to maximise your impact. If that’s something you’d like to explore, Acwyre can help. Get in touch with our friendly team today!