Acwyre, first and foremost, is a results-based company. Whether we’re working to help launch a new product or are fundraising for a charity that means a lot to us, we always start by clearly establishing what KPI’s matter to our clients.

This does two key things:

  • Helps give us a goal to aim for
  • Ensure our clients have clear expectations of deliverables

In this short blog post, we’ll be looking at why having an ROI focussed model is essential, and what target metrics we commonly use to provide a tangible point of access for clients to see success.

Using an ROI focussed model

When we collaborate with any charity on a fundraising campaign, there are several questions we have that can help understand what real ROI looks like to you. For example, we might want to know:

  • What age group do you want to target?
  • What territories/regions matter to you?
  • Have you been utilising tax effective giving?
  • Do you want donors opting in via email or over the phone?
  • What does a long-term donor look like for you?
  • What is your optimal donation amount?

By establishing what ROI you want, we can help tailor a campaign accordingly.

Using target metrics that matter

A brand launch that requires a Brand Ambassador in store will have entirely different target metrics to work with than someone going door to door for traction on subscription services.

Understanding what your target metrics look like can help us hone in on those common pain points for customer attention and adapt a campaign accordingly.

We’ll take a product launch as an example. The metrics for a new baby product we’ll want to highlight in a shopping centre will be entirely different than a food subscription service that is delivered directly to the user. Take our work with Gousto, for example. By understanding their unique metrics, we were able to increase d2d sale volumes over 400%

Helping improve metrics constantly

So we’ve had a campaign that has reached its intended target in a short space of time; what happens next?

With any campaign we work on, we work with clients to look at previously agreed KPIs to see if they need updating accordingly. We never want to be in a position where we take a backseat and run the clock from reaching targets. When we know demand is out there, and your product can convert, we’ll push forward with pre-established targets.

Want to know more about our campaigns and how we work with businesses?

If you have any questions about what an Acwyre campaign can do for your business, get in touch directly via our contact us page. Leave a message, and we’ll get right back to you.