Changing to a new provider -no matter the industry- has never been easier. The client doesn’t have to move a finger, once he’s onboard the new provider takes care of everything. As Accenture highlighted in a 2014 study: “digital disruption has caused an erosion in consumer loyalty”. And this mostly “(…) because the digital touch points consumers are exposed to are always on, and customers can always re-evaluate their purchase options”. Time for habits of the past to leave: in our day and age the focus is the client and understanding that makes you future ready.

For companies, the battle now stands in bettering their customer acquisition and retention skills. While accessibility and price play a significant role in such battle, perception is the real deal: the real way to positive relationships with your customers is a first strong and impactful contact. Forbes published that “68% of customers leave a business relationship because of a perceived attitude of indifference on the part of the company.”

At Acwyre we focus on two major services to ensure retention and loyalty from customers. We favor face2face contact as it guarantees a higher percentage of new acquisitions as well as a stronger retention percentage. There is no point arguing the benefits of human interaction when it comes to sales. Then we make sure you receive the right feedback from your clients: providing you with the right level of information regarding your customers’ wants, needs and habits is part of our outstanding package.

We want to make sure we offer the best possible experience to your customers, as the more personalised a conversation is, the higher are the chances of retention. And the opposite is true as well: published by Oracle, the CEI report claims that 89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience.

This is where our experience comes in: making sure your clients get the best possible customer experience alongside with the best perception possible of your brand and product.