“What exactly do you do?”

We offer a core level of services that help charities achieve the ROI they want from their marketing campaigns. Everything we do is clearly laid out so our charity clients will instantly know why our fundraising efforts are for them.

What services does Acwyre provide?

As a marketing agency, the primary fundraising services we provide are:

  • Donor acquisition
  • Brand awareness
  • Lead Generation
  • Donor reactivation

And here is a little more about what business would benefit from a particular service:

Donor Acquisition

We understand that charities work within a tight budget and fundraising campaigns need to showcase that any investment can create long term, quality donors.

Not only do we coach team members to represent your charity to your high standards, but we also show you how our team uses data and account management techniques to improve donor loyalty.

Find out more about our fundraising work here.

Brand Awareness

Where is your target audience right now? And are they aware of your charity??

We help craft campaigns that can help narrow down where your audience lies and help build awareness in front of the right eyes.

Find out more about how we do and what clients think at our brand activation page.

Lead Generation

You can get all the leads in the world, but if they don’t match your intentions, then they don’t have much use. The Brand Ambassadors Acwyre works with can work wonders to help you get the right leads that are more likely to convert.

Read more about how we handle lead generation here.

Interested in learning which of our services work best for you?

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