Could we possibly face more ads than the ones we already see? Research in the recent years has shown that we’re exposed to around 3000 different ads daily.

With the skyrocketing growth of online advertisement how do marketers actually stand out from the crowd? In France, about 17% of the population still doesn’t have access to the world wide web. That’s around 10 Million potential customers, so how do you reach them?

Ads have now become a part of our everyday lives, but is it like we just don’t see them anymore? Have we become numb to adverts? Product placement and other strategies are trying to make a difference but in the end, is it having a massive impact?

But the biggest road block to modern advertising is ad-blockers: In 2015, studies had shown that adblocking was costing roughly $22 billion per year and was used by almost half-a-billion people worldwide.

So how do you increase brand awareness, reach potential customers and actually make sales in such a cluttered digital market? Numbers don’t lie, and through our own research we were able to determine that between 2 -5% of people approached in a Face 2 Face campaign will make a purchase. Additionally, when working with professional Brand Ambassadors, determined to raise awareness about your brand, you guarantee yourself future sales from clients: Up to 50% of these will make future purchases via Face 2 Face marketing just because they keep a good impression of their first encounter with a Brand Ambassador.

We’ve seen the difference and heard it from our very own clients: they just keep coming back to Face 2 Face strategies as the returns on investment are simply better. More than ever before the human interaction elements of Face 2 Face marketing is making a strong impact on our digital centric era. Rather than keeping an eye on your like or follower counter, why not go out for once, and meet your clients Face 2 Face?