You have created an app that you are proud of, from the design to the functionality and have finally launched it on all the platforms. Now all you need is users to download and use your app!

Many publishers get on the market without a real plan or idea of how to promote an app, leading to few initial downloads. Luckily, there are some things you can do to boost your app’s popularity. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Make sure your app is optimised for app stores

Users have to go through the App Store or Google Play to download apps, which makes it crucial to ensure that your app is optimised for both platforms, so it has the best chance of attracting the right users from the get-go.

Use eye-catching visuals, from a very recognisable app icon to the overall design – this will help your app stand out from the crowd and users will be able to easily find it on their phones.
Your app should also have an appropriate name and description: this means your app should have a title that’s easy to remember and that best reflects what your app is about. The description should give an insight about what users can expect and accurately describe your app’s content. This also increases the likelihood of your app being discovered when users look for apps based on functionality and not by name.

Another big factor to make your app stand out is reviews. Users rely increasingly on reviews and influencers’ opinion before downloading an app and deciding if it’s right for them. Make sure your app offers opportunities to leave reviews on the store so users can leave comments and ratings that will improve your profile. It’s also a great way to get feedback about potential issues and improvements that can be made!

2. Market your app effectively online

Depending on your objectives and budget, using a mix of organic and paid social is a great way to promote your app and put it in front of relevant audiences. Try to engage with potential users on social media to create conversations and build loyalty to your app. Make sure to communicate using language that suits your app and its target market. If several members of your team are involved, everyone should be aware of the tone of voice to use and a few guidelines to keep the brand consistent.

Paid campaigns can also be very effective to get your app out there – choose the channels most popular with your audience and spread your budget across these. These channels can include email marketing, SMS marketing, app directories or relevant blogs, sites and social media channels such as Facebook (where you can target audiences based on interests).
Make sure to also have a website associated with your app. If your website is dependent on traffic through search engines, also called organic search, a conversion-focused website can drive extra downloads while increasing your app’s visibility.

It’s worth mentioning that this website will need to be kept up to date and requires optimisation. If you don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to a properly optimised website, focus on your social media profiles.

3. Get your app directly in front of users

Many users find it useful when someone shows them how to actually use an app. App developer cannot always do this from a distance and they usually don’t have the resources to go out on the field themselves to help out users. Nowadays there are many outsourced services available to app developers that ensure that your app is shown directly to your target audience. Small teams will meet directly with potential users to show off the value of your apps and explain its full functionality and benefit and the practicalities of how to use it.
This is particularly effective for apps that are relying on new technology or require a more personal touch to present the app. A face to face demonstration has a strong impact on users, as the value of the app is communicated much better than when users stumble across the app by themselves. If you’re interested to find out more about what this would look like, read our Mishi Pay case study.

The app market is incredibly competitive, and the smallest things can make a great difference when it comes to increasing visibility and getting more users. It’s essential to have a carefully planned strategy and make the most of different channels to give your app the best chances. By using a mix of organic social, paid adverts and face to face marketing, you’ll be sure to cover all the bases to reach your target audience!