When we work with any charity, we do so to create a positive impact. Any fundraising campaign has to have clear aims, send the right message and attract the attention of potential donors who want to actively donate their hard-earned money in helping ongoing charity efforts.

Fundraising is something we take very seriously, and its impact can’t be underestimated. Here are some of the ways we feel F2F fundraising campaigns have an impact on the individual.

A campaign is the first (and sometimes only) impressions your charity has

No fundraising campaign will ever have a 1:1 ratio in terms of people met to successful donations. It’s just not possible. While the percentage rate differs from charity to charity, one thing is clear: our Brand Ambassadors are sometimes the first and only human interaction a person will have with a charity

On average, for every donor we recruit, a Brand Ambassador will talk to somewhere between 40-50 people.

That means the impressions someone walks away with needs to be positive. That person also needs to feel informed enough that it may encourage them towards becoming a donor online at a later date.

A campaign has to have tangible value

Unlike brands and private companies that have a set budget to work on over time, charities will usually have a fundraising budget that is considered a one-time-only pot. That means a charity’s investment needs to have a relatable goal that helps prove investment was worth it.

We undertake a remuneration method that helps campaigns have a highly predictable return. This avoids any surprises and helps you see what the landscape is like.

A campaign will have some attrition

We have worked long enough on campaigns to know that donors can change their minds on the flip of a coin. It is common for a small percentage of donors to cancel their donation after a short period of time, this can be because of a myriad of different reasons.

That’s why we help clients understand expectations, and are realistic about the expected attrition rates… It’s why we also only operate a fee model where clients only per net donor.

A campaign has to have quality

We aim to match the right charity with the right donors. Hitting a target doesn’t work if the donors don’t match up as hoped. That’s why we always ask ourselves “Do we have right the quality of donor?”.

These questions create a quality check that ensures we’re helping build the right impact for charities.

Want to talk to someone about how we fundraise?

We help charities of all sizes create successful F2F fundraising campaigns. If you’d like to talk to someone about how our campaigns work and what we can do your charity specific, visiting our contact page.

Leave a short message, and one of the Acwyre team will get in touch when it’s convenient for you.