Traffic jams… they always tend to happen when you’re in a hurry don’t they?. Then you see that bike coming up in your rearview mirror, passing by all the cars and you think to yourself: “why don’t I just get a bike?”

In our rapidly moving era of digitalised content, the traffic jam represents traditional marketing. Communication teams and advertisers are all stuck in their cars waiting to enter an ever-narrowing tunnel. While their message will eventually get out, it’s so crowded and polluted by noise that it’s worth asking ourselves if it’s still valuable… is the return on investment worth all the time spent?

Swiftly passing by all the cars of traditional marketing is the F2F bicycle. The bike doesn’t get stuck and you’re sure that your message will reach the tunnel before anyone else, plus you’re not risking an empty gas tank! More importantly, your bike costs less to run and your message reaches exactly who you want it to: your audience, your customers or potential customers. That’s what we call ROI!

What’s the best thing for your brand? Being another bland car lost in the traffic jam or actually finding a way to raise awareness and connect with the most important people to you: your customers?

F2F, human to human, interactions actually make a difference. And even more so now that GDPR applies. We can collect customer data directly (with their consent of course) and make sure it’s skimmed of all the unnecessary information: providing you with the information you want based on what you need.

We meet potential new partners every day that leave convinced that F2F is what they need in a cluttered digital marketing era. Why not take a rest and let us do the pedaling for you?

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