In recent years there has been a huge rise in the demand for food subscription services: Foodies, students, singletons and families all want a way to get fresh food delivered to their door with quick and easy cooking instructions. It’s time efficient, affordable and lets you skip the nightmare of having to ramble around a crowded supermarket. As demand has grown, so has supply – with food subscription services now numbering nearly 80 in the UK alone. With such a growing and dynamic market, the question marketers must ask themselves is: “What is the best customer acquisition channel for this sector?

Having to plan your grocery shopping and going to the Supermarket wasn’t always the way to do things, food delivery companies are actually just recycling the concept of what used to be done in the early 20th century:

The traditional practice was for a homemaker to personally place an order with an independent shopkeeper for staples such as flour, butter, salt, sugar, coffee, tea, bacon or lard.  As a convenience and sign of personalized service he would then select her items and have the large bundles of provisions delivered to her home later in the day by a delivery boy.” [1]

This new form of food selling is clearly inspired by the way food used to be sold. With a solid trend focusing on customer care, people are recognising the fact that it’s easier to get positive interaction through Face2Face with people than it is through a faceless corporation: A personal approach, a detailed explanation of the product/service, a relatable brand are all amongst the benefits. This is exactly what these modern and digital food delivery companies are doing right: using the strength of the F2F selling process with the necessity of bringing a personalised and efficient element to food subscriptions.

More than just client acquisition, Face2Face allows brand reinforcement, community building and managed communications for the brand: in that regard we’ve allowed, through brand ambassador managed communication, one of the major food delivery players in the UK to almost double their number of customers.

Through years of F2F experience, the Acwyre team knows exactly how to present, tailor and sell subscription services to consumers from the United Kingdom. It is believed that this industry could see a growth of 16,3%  yearly between 2018 and 2022 [2]: with such a fast-growing market and more and more players joining the table each year, doesn’t F2F just seem like the ideal solution when it comes to getting your message across to your customers?