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  • How soon can you see results once a campaign has started?

    Once contracts are signed and product training is complete Acwyre can begin with a 'testing team' of brand ambassadors - sales are made from this point onwards.

  • Why do brands choose to use Face2Face?

    It’s usually not a case of either/or. Most organisations use a mixture of different advertising channels to get their message across. Acwyre believe that people still respond best to people. Face-to-face sales and fundraising delivers powerful returns on investment because it is more cost-effective than a TV or billboard campaign and, the results are traceable and measurable.

  • How can you contact Acwyre?

    Email Acwyre at or give call on 0044 203 368 8849.

  • What is a Marketing Company?

    A Marketing Company is an independent company that supplies Acwyre with professional, self-employed brand ambassadors that are used in campaigns.

  • Where does Acwyre source the brand ambassadors it uses in its campaigns?

    Acwyre uses its network of Marketing Companies across the country to source self-employed brand ambassadors to carry out direct sales and marketing campaigns.

  • Does Acwyre employ any brand ambassadors directly?

    No, all brand ambassadors are self-employed and supplied by the independent Marketing Company.

  • How many brand ambassadors can be on a campaign?

    The number of brand ambassadors allocated is dependent on the size and objectives of each campaign.

  • How do Acwyre ensure that they work to the best industry standards?

    As well as Acwyre’s extensive internal code of conduct Acwyre adhere to all regulatory requirements governing each industry.

  • What is the cost of a campaign?

    An agreed daily rate is set for the testing period - once a full test review is complete an acquisition fee is established between both parties and a campaign roll out plan is agreed.

  • What is Face2Face sales?

    Face2 Face selling is where Brand Ambassadors sell a product or service directly to a customer, at an event or at their front door.

  • How much do brand ambassadors earn?

    Acwyre uses a commission only based structure, allowing brand ambassadors the ability to control their own earning potential.

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