Gousto is a British meal kit company who launched in 2012 with now over a million meals delivered across the country. They provide meal kits that contain easy to follow recipes no matter your culinary experience, along with the exact amount of fresh ingredients to make them.

They have been voted best subscription recipe kit service by several well know publications including The Guardian, The Independent and the Metro.

They are currently the experts in choice, providing over 30 different meal choices each week, catering to a wide variety of dietary preferences. To achieve this and more Gousto have focused considerable amounts of their time, energy and funding into developing the technology that could provide the exemplary service needed to retain customers for the long term.

Gousto approached Acwyre in 2017 to scale their customer acquisition efforts, drive their brand awareness and to make Gousto a household name.


Gousto’s early focus on creating an all-star product meant that acquiring customers in large volumes wasn’t a huge priority. In 2017 the business made the decision to invest in face to face marketing to really spread the Gousto word. Unfortunately, Gousto’s first foray into face to face was not with Acwyre resulting in an underwhelming direct marketing campaign which struggled with sales volumes and really shook their belief in our route to market. Thankfully Acwyre were on hand to turn around this initial negative perception and really prove how face to face marketing is the perfect partner for online subscription products. Within the first 3 months of partnership there was an increase in d2d sale volumes of over 400% in comparison to the entire previous year’s activity; really cementing how the oldest method of marketing is still very much relevant in today’s online world.


At Acwyre we don’t just focus on quantity, we are committed to finding the best kind of customers, developing them at the point of sale so they understand how the service can become part of their everyday lifestyle.

For Acwyre this isn’t just a short-term numbers game; we work tirelessly to ensure a fantastic return on investment for our partners.

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