Acwyre ran a short in-store campaign showcasing a new self-checkout app to customers and retailers.

Over nine days, the Acwyre brand ambassadors significantly increased signups, app transactions, and in-store revenue.

Here’s how the campaign came to be.


mishi pay sign ups

The Client: Who is MishiPay?

MishiPay offer a self-checkout app for customers visiting retail stores. The app can create custom payment app solutions for their clients.

With the app, customers scan a product with their device and go through a quick checkout process. RFID tags automatically deactivate, and customers can leave the store with the product.

Shop assistants get a notification about the sale through the app.

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The Challenge

MishiPay initially had their own team visiting stores to attract users but found it hard to convert.

Not being a naturally consumer-facing team, they needed the expertise to engage customers and show clients (store locations) the value the app has. 

The Solution

We know that value lies in customer quality, not just quantity. We developed a campaign demonstrating the app’s value for both customers and retailers.

We worked closely with the client to ensure that MishiPay’s branding and product was correctly presented to shop visitors in locations keen to convert.

Through a day of product coaching, MishiPay staff introduced the app to Acwyre brand ambassadors who would be out there on their behalf, working on everything from presentation and run-through to highlighting USPs.

mish pay sign ups

The Results

Over nine days, our brand ambassadors in one store had 284 new customers sign up and convert; equivalent to store revenue increasing 40%.

By day three, brand ambassadors doubled the number of sign-ups MishiPay’s team achieved on their best day ever.

On average, it only took two minutes for an ambassador to sign up a new app user.


How Acwyre Helped MishiPay

This campaign highlights the importance of using an experienced face-to-face sales team when a more technical team may not be able to showcase the value of a product to non-technical customers.

Acwyre used our experience to educate customers and retailers, earning trust to use new technology they had no familiarity with on their most important personal device.

Through a short-term project, we not only achieved increases to MishiPay, but we developed a roadmap for longer-term success and partnership – the aim with all of our work.

mish pay store revenue

How Acwyre can Help You

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