Our Call Center Services

Our clients span all industries including, Energy, Security, Charities, Food Delivery, and Subscription Services.

Our call center offers the following services :

  • Retention and reactivation calls
  • Welcome and loyalty calls
  • Soft upgrade calls
  • Qualified appointment booking calls
  • Inbound call management
  • Management of appointments and reservations

Retention calls.
It is important to stay in touch! Our retention service will help you manage this important relationship with your customers and donors.

Reactivation calls.
Our reactivation service will allow you to initiate contact with any customers or donors who are no longer actively engaging.

Welcome calls.
Welcoming new customers and donors is an important step in building loyalty. Welcome calls reassure customers/donors and have a real positive impact on long-term retention.

‘Soft upgrade’ calls.
Soft upgrade calls can be used to interact with engaged customers to determine if they require any additional services or and check if donors are in a position to increase their support.

Loyalty calls.
A dedicated call service that keeps you in touch with your customers and donors to keep them up to date on new products or services or update them on the wonderful work your charitable cause is undertaking with their donation.

Qualified appointment booking calls.
Our call center agents are trained  to qualify leads and arrange appointments, bookings or orders

Why Acwyre

  • Our outgoing call services have exceptional contact rates: 70% for charities and 91% for commercial businesses. 15% above the industry average!
  • We can offer our services in French, Dutch and English
  • All call center agents are native speakers
  • Low advisor turnover rates

Learn more about our call center services

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