What we offer

Acwyre is a Direct Fundraising and Marketing agency that helps charities grow by bringing their cause directly to their target supporters. We have over one thousand Fundraisers recruiting supporters for some the world’s most recognised charities.

Meet the Acwyre Fundraisers

  • Meet your team

    The team behind Acwyre has over 20 years of experience working with both international and regional charities across Europe and Australasia. Click here to meet Jess our CEO, Ben our Business Manager and Rhoda our Project Manager.

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  • How we work

    Acwyre works with a wide network of local Marketing Companies across the UK, including Scotland and Northern Ireland. These Marketing Companies provide Acwyre with passionate, experienced, independent Fundraisers. After intensive coaching and training, the Fundraisers present your cause directly to your target audience, all through tailor-made campaigns.



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  • Brand Awareness

    For every supporter they recruit, a Fundraiser speaks to around 50 other people, educating them on your work and cause.

    In addition to supplying new supporters, we also increase your brand awareness among people who do not become supporters. Experience shows that a significant percentage of these people later decide to support your charity directly through your website.

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  • Revenue Vs Investment

    We understand you can only spend your fundraising budget once. We want to ensure that the return on your investment is in line with your expectations. Our remuneration method, combined with the quality of the supporters, ensures that your investment has a very predictable return.

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